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This review will be a little lengthy because I want potential customers to really understand how bad this company is regarding standing behind their products. I purchased a patio set (and a matching bistro table with four chairs) in 12/2012. I paid $4,200. I purchased from Leaders due to their alleged reputation, service and quality.

Well 2.5 years later I realized what a mistake this was. I noticed that the fabric on one of the patio cushions was disintegrating and covered in holes. This cushion is partly exposed to sunlight. I was reassured in the store when I purchased the item that the cushions would last "ten years or more" in all outdoor conditions. I specifically asked the question because I had another set in the past (not from Leaders) and when the cushions broke down, the cost to replace them was the cost of a whole new set. The manager (who of course is no longer with the company) was adamant that these were made of quality material and that would not happen. This naturally was coupled with the sales pitch of "this is why you purchase from us because we sell quality merchandise and we stand behind our products". I selected my fabric partly based on his recommendation to get the "woven" fabric as opposed to the "flat" fabric as it had better chances not to fade from the sun.

Now, fast forward to now. I called Leaders to ask if there was anything they could do for me with my unfortunate situation. I was told there was nothing they could offer because my warranty expired (which was one year and located on the back of the receipt in microscopic print) and the cost to replace the fabric would be $190 per seat. With no other options, I figured I didn't have a choice as what am I going to do with a "naked" cushion. Not a very classy look for sure. I provided her the number assigned to my fabric which I obtained from my original receipt. Well lo and behold this fabric is discontinued. Now my only choice is to purchase all new fabric for all of the cushions or have an unmatched set. Again, not nice. So....long story short, Leaders so "graciously" offered to provide me 25% off of new fabric for all of the cushions ($142.50 per cushion). For all of my cushions, the grand total of my purchase would be $855. If you're wondering, this offer was from the home office and not the local store. I feel misled and cheated and am incredibly dissatisfied.

I learned some very valuable lessons: 1. Don't believe salespeople. They probably work on commission and will lie to get you to make a purchase and 2. Be sure to read the microscopic print. In this case that your warranty is really only one year and not the ten that was eluded to by the store manager/salesperson.


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of patio sectional furniture and associated monetary loss in the amount of $900. Leaders Casual Furniture needs to "full replacement of all cushions" according to poster's claims.

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Good to know - was thinking about buying from them but for 4K i can buy three sets instead of one set and get the run around on warranty items. I'll be staying away from this company for sure.


I think that it is a horrible thing to do and very bad for business to say someone's name in a negative manner. Referring to your frugal Fred commercial. Whoever came up with this slogan is not, your friend.

Tarpon Springs, Florida, United States #1219545

You can tell how much this Tim cares by how long it took to reply to your complaint.The sales guys just want their commission and the owner's son just trying to whip the egg off his face.

The people that work here are nice at first until you have a problem. Then they try to belittle you to make you go away. I had a similar incident happen to me with 4 sling chairs.

Rude and disrespectful.Never go here.

Largo, Florida, United States #1118517

We apologize for not catching your review sooner.We just started searching "Leader's Casual Furniture" complaints.

Let me start by offering you my direct contact information to let you know how important your satisfaction is to us. Tim Newton, Managing Director, timnewton@leadersfurniture .com. After reading your review it sounds like we had a couple of opportunities our team may not have explored. We can try and search for your existing fabric at other companies.

We would be happy to buy it and make you casings. We could also let you pick a new fabric and purchase casings only at the 25% discount. This would drastically reduce the cost of this solution. If you do choose to buy the new cushions we also have additional protection plans available if it is important for you to have a replacement guarantee beyond what the fabric mill of furniture manufacturer provide.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us.

We are the top rated furniture company in North America with online reviews.Please let me know if you would like to work on a solution.

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